About IEEE

The IEEE is more than just a citation style, it's the worlds largest Professional Organization, with more than 400, 000 members worldwide. Responsible for research publication, technical standards and guidelines, technical conferences, various magazines and publications, and a huge amount of professional development material, including on-line courses and job search websites, the IEEE is something you want to be a part of. Follow this link to learn more.


The uWaterloo IEEE Student Branch consistently organizes a variety of events involving students and industry alike. Follow this link if you'd like to read about past events, upcoming events, or how to get involved.

People & Sponsors

The branch would be nothing without hardworking people and companies helping to organize and manage the branch and the branch events. If you'd like to get involved or volunteer within the branch, or if you'd like to sponsor the branch in some way get in contact with the branch, we'd love to hear from you.